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What Is the
Nidra Sleep Journey?

The Nidra Sleep Journey was founded upon the principles of traditional Western medicine woven together with 1000-year old Eastern healing practices. All aspects of health are interconnected so our Dream Team integrates the 24-year experience of Board-Certified Sleep Medicine physician David C. Brodner, M.D. with vital contributions from meditation guides, Traditional Chinese Medicine doctors, Yoga teachers, acupuncturists, massage therapists, nutritionists, and other complementary health practitioners.

Treatments are based on the proprietary Sleep Wellness program created by Dr. Brodner called the Nidra Sleep Journey. Our Dream Team assesses the unique problems leading to an individual’s sleep issues and then designs a regimen to correct those obstacles preventing healthy sleep. In order to achieve Sleep Ananda – the Sanskrit word for Bliss – we believe the mind must be calmed, the body balanced, and the person guided by scientifically-proven and time-honored techniques.

What Is the
Nidra Sleep Journey?

In order to achieve Sleep Ananda – the Sanskrit word for Bliss – we believe the mind must be calmed and the body balanced by scientifically-proven and time-tested techniques.

Our Mission

Integrating Western Medicine
with Eastern Healing Practices
to create Sleep Wellness


Meet Our Team

Board-Certified Sleep Medicine Physician
Certified 500 RYT Yoga and Meditation Instructor

Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine