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Integrating Western Medicine with Eastern Healing Practices to create Sleep Wellness

Our Mission

The Nidra Sleep Journey was founded to provide the guidance and teach the skills necessary for individuals to navigate their own personal journey towards Sleep Wellness.

We understand that all aspects of health are interconnected; that one cannot achieve true Sleep Wellness without addressing the Body, Mind, and Spirit. The Academy provides access to a wide variety of knowledgeable Experts who utilize different philosophies and techniques to manage each individual’s unique problems.

Sleep Disorders are multi-factorial, so Dr. Brodner invented the proprietary method called the Nidra Sleep Journey to include vital contributions from Western Medicine, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yoga, physical fitness, massage, nutrition, Meditation, and many other complementary health practices. The eight pillars of the Nidra Sleep Journey program lower stress and reduce anxiety through yoga and meditation, manage pain with acupuncture/pressure and Functional Medicine, optimize nutrition and physical fitness, and guide our participants in creating their own personal Sleep Sanctuary with aromatherapy, sound immersion, and light therapy.

The ultimate goal of The Nidra Sleep Journey is to use scientifically-proven methods to produce the well-known benefits of healthy sleep — enhanced focus, concentration, and memory; increased work productivity; decreased depression and boosted mood; strengthened memory; weight loss; and the reduction of a multitude of medical ailments including general inflammation, high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and stroke.